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Coming Out of Grief's Closet: Can You Heal Unconsciously?

Awaking from a Grief Coma: What does healing from 'complicated grief' actually look like? Can you heal unconsciously? Read More

Treatment for those stuck in grief

Dr. M. Katherine Shear, discusses the symptoms of complicated grief, how it is different from acute grief and depression, and the importance of supporting a loved one who is suffering. Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT), a 16-week psychotherapy that guides people through resolving grief complications and revitalizes the natural healing process, is also discussed.


Pamela, thank you so much for writing this. I was afraid to read it thinking you were going to start talking about the normal things one reads about moving through grief--all of which are correct unless one has complicated grief. I appreciate the acknowledgement that it wasn't a choice to go numb. And the part about becoming Buddhist--I so get it. I too, have kept doing all the things of life, going to work, all the basics and sometimes even beyond the necessary, but deep inside the pain still lives and the sense of "what for?" remains. I am not suicidal, I am just grieving. But, also like you, I know that as time has passed (4 years and 10 months)things have changed some, and I believe it is important to do as you have, and that is to name that change. It is not like we want to stay like we are, and its not like we don't make some effort. Its almost too complicated to describe, but I can tell you know. Thank you again.

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