Because I'm the Mom

How mothering pervades all relationships in life.

What Women of a Certain Age Forget

We can't find our keys or our glasses but let's remember this:

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a mighty battle.

We are much stronger than we think we are.

We are much smarter, too.

We are right to hold tightly to our BFF women friends. They will get us through all of it.

We can get through anything. Literally, anything.

Be a genuine part of a genuine community.

Our kids love us no matter what.

Our parents did their best.

As parents, we're doing our best.

Forgive ourselves our human imperfections.

Forgive others, theirs.

We are always making choices.

It doesn't matter if it's destiny, random, both, neither or all of the above. We don't know. We don't know when we'll know. So what do we do now, today, in this moment?

Very little is in our control. So leap!

We can forgive anybody, anything. But we don't have to. But we can if we want to.

Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven.

Being present means right here, right now. The past is done. The future is unknown. Be where you are. Look at what you're missing.

Put down the phone. Look her in the eyes. Talk. Listen. Connect.

Always connect.

Now, right now, is our Real Life. Don't keep waiting for it to start.

Find a Therapist

Search for a mental health professional near you.

Thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings are only feelings. Both will pass. Neither are who we are.

We have everything we need to be who and how we want to be. Right now.

"Start where you are."

It is never too late.

We deserve to be loved by good, kind people who see – and love – who we really are.

If we allow ourselves to be loved again, we can heal.

Love is the answer. It just is.

Love is the answer. Whatever the question.


Pamela Cytrynbaum teaches at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.


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