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How to Give Your 7-Year-Old Daughter an Eating Disorder?

Did this Tiger Mom go too far?

Did this Tiger Mom go too far?
Obese or Abuse? Mom forces 7-year-old into strict diet

Obese or Abuse? Mom Makes Daughter, 7, Diet

Mommy-bashing is not a sport I like to engage in but New York socialite Dara-Lynn Weiss completely deserves the intergalactic whooping she's getting after telling Vogue magazine's readers—boasting really—how she put Bea, her 7-year-old daughter, on a Weight Watchers-like diet, monitored her every mouthful and humiliated her in public to keep her from eating.

With shocking lack of self-awareness and intense self-absorption, Weiss details her tyranny over her daughter's body and soul in Vogue's April issue. The mother, who herself struggled with her own weight and tried all kinds of diets, says the last straw was when her daughter came home from school in tears after a boy called her fat. She says her pediatrician diagnosed her daughter as clinically obese, at 4'4" and 93 pounds. And 7. Did I mention she's 7?

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And the kid was hungry all the time! Never got full. (Like she was trying to fill a void inside, maybe? Like she wasn't getting the emotional comfort a kid needs, maybe? Just wondering...)

Having a hungry kid is so annoying, her mom says, "it is grating to have someone constantly complain of being hungry, or refuse to eat what she's supposed to, month after month," Weiss writes in the April issue of Vogue. And "exhausting."

She chronicles her Tiger Mom approach to every single calorie her kid took in. No infraction too small, she humiliated young Bea at every opportunity, the more public the better. She railed at other moms who fed her kid at playdates. Here she describes how she controlled her daughter's eating.

As you might imagine, Weiss is taking a lot of heat for her extreme parenting. The daughter lost 16 pounds. Seems to me she lost a lot more than that.

Pamela Cytrynbaum teaches at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.


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