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Here's How Maria Shriver Can Get Her Groove - and Her Life - Back

Maria Shriver: Want your life back?

Want your life back? Call Oprah!
In Part I, Maria Shriver's Untold Stories: Why Did She Let Herself Disappear? I argue that if Maria Shriver can't hold onto her own identity in a marriage, how are the rest of us supposed to? With her money, power, access, education and Kennedy royal lineage, how could she vanish like this?

What happens to a woman who loses her self, her voice, her aspirations and her identity and then must watch it get played out in the white hot light of a media cyclone? 

In Part II: How Can Maria Shriver Get Her Groove Back? I offer sage advice:

She can call OPRAH for support. Okay? Girlfriend, call Oprah, go to her compound and let her fill you with big, Oprah-sized ideas about your life's possibilities. The thing about being a Kennedy, about being one of America's Royal Class, about being a gazillionaire, is that you can actually do anything. Anything. You could buy a news network and anchor every single show. Who else can do what you can do? We're all watching now. The Muddenator is off your wings!

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Pamela Cytrynbaum teaches at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.


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