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     The following post was dictated to me with great precision and thought by my 8-year-old daughter.
She suggested the title: "Will My Mom Listen or Not"

‘I was just describing to my daughter, Leah, about my blog, the post I just wrote today about being a good listener. And my daughter said: ‘I think if you write something about something that you want other people to do, you should follow that, and YOU should do it, too, to set a good example for others.'

This is still Leah speaking. I think my Mom, Pam, when I'm needing to say something important to her, I think she's a wonderful Mom, but sometimes she doesn't listen as much as I would hope for her to listen. And we're working on that, aren't we?'

We certainly are.



Pamela Cytrynbaum teaches at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.


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