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Caring for birds

The article also points to human era in underestimating a languid sense of self proportion as well as sef-deception. What was the purpose of having the birds put in the cages in the first place? We're international authorities notified? Were there any legal diode lines for acts as deplorable to these harmless animals as what was described as horrible to the treatment of these animals? Or are we to surmise, this is a third world country with no real understanding being done. The sense that the birds suffered is beyond indignity, for India to not have laws in place would be the first brick in the wall of corruption. Having people that were dedicated to the purpose of helping the animals left in injured and wounded, fragile states so injured as being impaired from their own bird sense and imprint of survival does indeed connect making cruel impressions for these that are forced either through no fault of their own, or lack of ability to see the actual and real harm being done.going back into the very sense of the birds negative sense of captivity, through being mis-treated, neglected, and finally forced to give up all sense of life, but instead self preservation mode. The people who responsible for helping birds that are in such danger should ave noticeable articles in magazines of all stripes until through connections with companies that deal with third world countries will synthesize and help micro operations to become educated and aware of penalties and legal agreements to make sure the sense of cruelty erotic birds cannot be ignored.

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