Band of Brothers, and Sisters

The most lasting and enduring of relationships.

Putin's Dark Sibling Psychology and the Crisis in Russia

Put together the unspoken, tragic loss of his two siblings, being an only child, and his overprotective parents, and we may have some glimpse into the complicated psyche of this recluse with an inflated ego and something to prove. Read More

Not necessarily over-protected

While it may be more prevalent that only children are over-protected by their parents than not, from my own experience as an only child of elderly parents, I believe that this does not necessarily or inevitably apply. I certainly was not, was not spoiled by my parents, but, if anything was heavily burdened by the incessant demands on me which they made and of their placing all their expectations on me as their only child, and their stated belief that the aim of an upbringing should be to make the offspring thoroughly independent and able to fend for him-/herself.

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Avidan Milevsky, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.


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