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On the Benefits of Suffering

Everybody suffers. It’s just that we are masterful at distracting ourselves from it. A new LifeClub asks members early on to experience fully their stress, struggles and emotional pain. Find out why it is important to acknowledge and feel your “human condition” and prepare yourself for life crises. Read More

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With the fasted paced culture now. We all need to make time to have fun

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Sorry, guy, but there's nothing new here. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Buddha taught this, although I'll grant you that he didn't have a website. But there are dozens of sites online that teach meditation, mindfulness, altered-attention, self-hypnosis, etc. It's fine to add yours to the list. But it is incredibly arrogant and foolish to claim that you are "The One."

Nevertheless, I would not have bothered to comment here if it were not for your incredibly misinformed assertion that we can "prepare" for tragedy. If you believe that, it is because you have never experienced a real tragedy yourself. No matter how many times a day you meditate and no matter how skilled you are at calming your mind, tragedy blows you apart from the inside out. The only thing mindfulness or other meditative practice does is teach you that you can separate the pain from who you are. That's a lot. But telling people that they can somehow make the gut-wrenching agony of great loss any better than it is is just a big fat lie.

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