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Is Some Tech Too Addictive?

Companies have an obligation to protect addicted users of their products. Establishing some kind of upper limit helps ensure that users do not abuse the service and that companies do not abuse their users. Read More

I do not agree that companies

I do not agree that companies need to monitor its toys for people who might possibly become addicted. We are alreay way too much in a nanny state. I do not want to give more control and responsibility of myself to corporations or the government.


I see a real opportunity hear for a programmer to develop an application that might identify people prone to compulsive aka addictive behavior.

One aspect of the game might be called the, "Homily Hole."
When an end user enters this part of the game, they are forced to, "pause," and have an opportunity to evaluate their behavior, drives, values, temporary goals and global purpose in their life.

Something to think about. :-)

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