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Curing a Critical Spirit in Students

I recently met with an informal focus group of educators from colleges and universities in the Midwest. My sole purpose for the conversation was to get a read on how the school year went, as well as what they had learned as educators. One common theme emerged from our discussion: incoming criticism. Read More

Great Points!

Tim, You make some great points in this article. This issue is manifest in so many ways, including research that shows the decline of caring and empathy in the younger generation. But despite widespread information and advice for parents,nothing seems to be changing. The list you have under "Why is this happening?" could easily apply to parents as well! Parents also compare themselves to their peers online. Instead of learning from evidence-based research on parenting, they are getting advice from "mommy bloggers" who "share experiences." They read things in small "sound bites" of blog articles. What they seem to be missing is an understanding of child development. Not sure what the answers are! But if you find them, let me know! -- Marilyn

Kids who do nothing but complain…

…are kids who've been criticized to pieces for their entire lives.
Criticism begets criticism. Simple as that.

Nothing is going to get

Nothing is going to get better in this imperfect world if you don't identify what's wrong and demand change. When Rosa Parks was told to go to the back of the bus, maybe you think she should have just said a prayer of gratitude for what she has. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! In order to achieve an inch of change, you have to try to push a mile. I found that out in the 60's.

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