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Is Everyone a Leader?

The answer of course is yes and no (how’s that for a politically correct answer?). It all depends on how you define the word “leader.” Read More

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Smarmy Sales Platitudes

Leadership/dominance is found in all social animals. Bleive even bacteria, which are hyper-social. No, there are very few dominant individuals and mainly the non-dominant. it is the nature of reproductive competition, optimization of resources acquisition and different skill sets.

But if you are selling "leadership" stuff - you would make the unfounded claims in this post.

everyone is a leader

semantic mumbo-jumbo.
everyone can be a leader in something cause there's a myriad of areas in everyone's life where they can excel and lead through their experience and understanding of one of those areas.
even though that area may only be top bottle-washer - be proud to lead through showing your expertise in washing technique - make a web-site of it, for goodness sakes! and sell some e-books.
feel-good article - motivation speaker - also a good dancer.

Importance of definition

When you redefine a word to mean whatever you want, you kind of take away any significance of using that word at all. I can say that everyone in our company is a winner, as long as I define winning as being employed and coming in to work. I can say that they're mostly losers, too, if I define loser as 'anyone who isn't superior enough to be CEO.' It really defeats the entire purpose of writing on any topic if you're just going to change the meaning of the topic to whatever suits your purposes.

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