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Welcome to Xanax Nation: 46 Million Were Here

More and more adults are choosing Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications to manage anxiety and stress. The problem is the problems are not going away. Learn four actionable steps that promote psychological insight, mindfulness, setting limits, and most importantly—long-term strategies for managing anxiety so it doesn't manage you. Read More

Much of today’s anxiety stem

Much of today’s anxiety stem from our modern values. We are taught that what we have is never enough, so we must work harder. Pursuing any interest that has no economic remuneration is wasteful. Modern anxiety is really our way of feeling guilty for perceived failures in our worship of Mammon.

The good news is as adults we

The good news is as adults we can choose which values work for us, and those which aren't aligned with our core principles. Boundary-building, basically.

It is the therapist I see who

It is the therapist I see who keeps trying to push xanax on me. I don't want it but it is her suggestion. I have refused, but I do find it funny when it is the alleged professionals who do the pushing.

It may be a good time to have

It may be a good time to have an authentic conversation with your therapist about your feelings against Xanax, and her feelings for it.

In certain instances when clients come in to see me initially, I will suggest a medical evaluation with a psychiatrist. If this client is so overwhelmed by racing thoughts, worries, stress, and sleep deprivation, talk therapy can be less effective. An anti-depressant or anti-anxiety can help to take the edge off as well as enhance the therapeutic intervention.

I was interested in your post

I was interested in your post until I got to the following:

"Be that as it may, Absolut Vodka has nothing on Big Pharma when it comes to profiting off others' pain.
Rather than label Pfizer (Xanax' manufacturer) as the mob family of the 21st century, let's acknowledge the truth.
Pfizer can only supply where there is demand. Call them morally bankrupt, but their solution to quick-fix us is hardly a crime against humanity"

Profiting off others' pain ... Mob family ... Morally bankrupt ??

Xanax is an amazingly effective, yet highly addictive tranquilliser, developed some 25 years after the first benzos appeared and because of its unique efficacy Pfizer is now held accountable morally and ethically?

I don't get it, but that's because I am probably morally, ethically and intellectually challenged.

By all means, talk about other ways to 'manage' anxiety but leave the self-righteous judgementalism out of it.

Mike-- The problem is the


The problem is the problems are not going away by popping a pill. And you are correct -- the benzos are highly addictive, which is a huge problem.

Have you looked at Pfizer's profit margins lately? I don't know the numbers for Xanax, but I imagine they're pretty "high."

From Pfizer's website:

"Pfizer Reports Third Quarter 2013 Results

Third-Quarter 2013 Reported Revenues(1) of $12.6 Billion"

holistic methods ARE evidence-based

Hi Linda! Great article! And I "get" your main points here..
popping a pill to feel well rather than working on yourself to develop into a person with a feeling of wholeness can be the norm of many people. Fortunately, we see many people who do want to change and do look to develop a rich inner life. Holistic, mindbody therapies ARE evidence-based and are NOT only for "quacks." Yoga, meditation, exercise, mindfulness, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and safe touch are have research behind them and are effective OVER TIME. That;s the key Over time. And yes, medication has helped alot of people and I;'m not saying to go of of needed meds, but to those who are interested, there are other methods. Oh yeah, talk therapy changes the brain chemistry too OVER TIME.

Thanks for the reminder that

Thanks for the reminder that a lot of these treatments are evidence-based, Kathy. Over time is the key. Just as in life, there's no shortcuts in the quest for mental wellness.

I appreciate your expert insight.

Jesus Christ, most of us just want to survive in a cutthroat world, ok?

Why bother with expensive talk therapy, boring meditation, the Mediterranean diet, CrossFit, and gratitude?
This is so flippant and crass I almost didn't bother, but what the hell…

Why bother with expensive talk therapy that—
* probably won't work! (good therapists are hard to find)
* if it does, will take years before it does
* your insurance will cover for a short number of sessions

Why bother with boring meditation that
* takes years to work
* may not work for you at all

Why bother with the Mediterranian diet that—
(I have no idea why you included this, so we're skipping it aa "irrelevant")

Why bother with Crossfit that—
* Only takes energy away from your anxiety, without resolving it. You have to keep exercising to get the same effects (like Xanax! but aren't you against the "drugging" approach?)

Why bother with graditude that—
* Huh? I think most people are anxious from an overabundence of graditude!

Adults don't have the luxury of waiting years before they get better. Competition for employment is cutthroat. Competition for college is cutthroat. Colleges are now rejecting students with pre-existing psychological problems. People are getting their health insurance cht, their sick leave cut. Trying to find full time work is near impossible. And yet you criticize people for needing to act normal right now? How disconnected and sheltered you truly are!

i see you have anger and it

i see you have anger and it didnt cost a thing to get that out as many of us do. Meditation just on that anger is very helpful. Many of us are experiencing those anxieties and our helplessness in those situations. We are not in control. Im sure it explains the rise in xanax prescriptions in the past 10 years. I read alot about xanax abuse and addiction. I have a daughter who is addicted to it and abuses it. I've read alot on young people who have overdosed from abuse with alcohol. Many deaths. There is no way to measure anxiety. In todays world it is known as a mental illness treatable with medications. Ill take the holistic approach. My dad was waiting for a miracle pill for diabetis instead of change. Didnt work. Big Pharma's answer. Upjohn actually had xanax 1st. At one crucial conference on panic disorder the chief executive of Upjohn stated "Look, there are 3 reasons why Upjohn is here taking interest in these new diagnoses. The first is money. The second is money. And the 3rd is money." Hmmm

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