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"Decoding Your Dog": Honoring What Dogs Want and Need

A new book offers valuable guidelines for giving dogs the best life possible by our learning what they want and need, what they're telling and asking us, and respecting their desires. It also stresses positive, rather than abusive, training. I like to think of dog "training" as dog "teaching" that centers on a close reciprocal respectful relationship between dog and human. Read More

Treating your dog as a partner not an object.

Living with humans can be extremely stressful and a dog can be psychologically changed for life.
I have always treated my dogs as a friend which I never scold as if the the scolding or telling off gets repetitive then the dog is confused.
My present dog is a border collie that I got from a rescue center.
He was only 5 months old and extremely nervious. I took him home and the next day I took him to the beach near me, with some trepidation I let him off the lead and he shot off along the beach, I though , that's it I have lost him but no, he came tearing back and went past me in the other direction.
After he was tired out he came back to me full of the joys of spring.
I use a whistle to get his attention and it works quite well, he will come straight back to me and we get into my car and go home for eats...
My point is we know what we want our dog to do but he/she is unsure of what we want.
Give your dog its head and don't worry too much.
Train your dog kindly and you will get the best out of him/her.


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Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


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