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Saving Navarre: The Dramatic Rescue of a Paralyzed Shot Wolf

Navarre, a seriously injured male wolf, was recovered from the icy waters of a river in very poor condition. He was undernourished, with paralyzed hind limbs, and with 35 lead pellets in his body. Watch this dramatic rescue and revel in knowing there are wonderful people out there doing wonderful things for other animals. This video will make your weekend. Read More

amazing rescue, great work

Thanks for posting that video link. I don't speak Italian, so I was thankful for your synopsis. It is true, we are lucky to have people across the world who care about wildlife. I couldn't believe the woman was giving mouth to mouth respiration with a wolf! They really did a fabulous job on him, except I wondered why they didn't use some kind of spinal board to stabilize his spine while pulling him out of the frigid waters. Anyone know why? And perhaps if they had taken the extra time, he wouldn't have come back to life. He is certainly one unlucky - and one very lucky - wolf.
Loved the link to the deer rescue too. I'm calling it "Tom's Arc". Those photos were really impressive. How our species underestimates animal intelligence is hard to explain. They know when it is safe to approach us (what option did they have?).

For english speaking people..

Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm the filmaker who made the video. Thank you very much for sharing this story!
You can also enable english subtitles on youtube or go to
where you can find a full english version of the video.
Thanks again

I wish all were like you.

I wish all were like you. What a wonderful world it would be. It's people like you that uphold my faith in humanity. Thank You!

Thanks Andrea

Lovely filmwork, Andrea. Thank you. The English translation helped, too.

Thank you so much Andrea ...

What a wonderful video - thank you for everything!!

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