Anger in the Age of Entitlement

Cleaning up emotional pollution

Regret Prevention

Behaviors that lead to long-term regret tend to be habituated and resistant to change through insight and desire alone. Read More

I Agree!

I agree with your last paragraph. I feel that's the need of the hour too! Thanks author for revealing such an insight.

Thank you, Dr. Stosny

I'm surprised at how few comments there are on this phenomenal article.

The words here are the tip of an iceberg's worth of contemplation--a real gift.

I think that *flexibility*, and not memory, is what really diminishes as most of us age. We cling to exactly what is least important, pushing what matters onto the back burner--day in and day out--thanks in part to constant brainwashing by Madison Avenue and Hollywood. We chase after careers we don't enjoy so we can hobnob with people we don't like and buy things we don't need, in order to impress people we don't know.

And someday, we tell ourselves, we'll make time to do fulfilling things, with the people we love. Someday, we'll be honest with ourselves. However, we don't realize that that quietly and slowly gets harder and harder every year. If it hurts to be honest today, it'll hurt even more a year from now. Thank you for this article, Dr. Stosny.

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