Anger in the Age of Entitlement

Cleaning up emotional pollution

Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Compassion

People low in self-compassion tend to get irritated or defensive at the mere mention of compassion for others. That’s because the two are really intertwined. You cannot sustain compassion for others without self-compassion. Read More

Very Insightful!

Thanks author for your truly insightful post. Self-compassion is the need of hour- You need to first have compassion for yourself before you have it for others. Compassion is steady and is for all, including the self. So, why forget your own self?

Thank you. I also appreciate

Thank you. I also appreciate the articles by Steven Stosny and this one really offers real life solutions for leading a satisfying life, I think.

One of the things in the list bothers me though: "don’t praise the self or others in general"

I tend to bring the attitude of gratitude to my life by appraising as often and as much as I can since I've had problems with a negative view of the world stemming from my dysfunctional childhood. Why isn't praising recommended?

Thank you!

Dear Mr Stosny,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I welcome them very much, as I can learn a lot from your suggestions.

Have a lovely day!

Best regards,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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