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Forgiveness After Betrayal

Forgiveness occurs as a byproduct of healing rather than a cause of it. Forgiveness is a red herring that largely impedes the repair process, if attempted to soon. Read More

Thank you

This is the most helpful and compassionate blog post/article/etc that I have ever read on the subject of forgiveness - and there have been many. This is the first that has not left me feeling small minded, mean spirited, guilty or inadequate for not being more forgiving of serious betrayals. It has also helped me to better understand the grieving process.

Thank you.

An Eye Opener!

I loved reading this post, as it discloses forgiveness from a different perspective, not to be seen at most promising places. I agree that healing is the indispensable before forgiving, and that for healing to happen, it is essential to have that positive attitude or remedial knowledge to apply. Luckily, I have found a supporting source explaining the same at:

Very Accurate writing

Steven, Thanks for thought and consideration to this very painful subject. Your article is accurate to my own situation.

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