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Ten Midlife Tips For Avoiding Ugly Aging

One man's midlife guesses at ideas to keep in mind to avoid turning into a boring old fart. Read More

Great post. You are no

Great post. You are no Cliche-Guevara. I particularly like #4, where you implicitly challenge the faddish notion that aging is about finding meaning and purpose in the midst of climbing rocks, writing best sellers, and de-worming orphans in Somalia (then capturing your adventures in a Ted talk that goes viral). Funny post, but thoughtful and real. Dan Bowling, JD, MAPP

Thanks for this article...

I am going to forward it to my mom, she should enjoy it. She's 51 and terrified of old age. The concoctions this woman comes up with to put on her face - at times I refer to her as the anti- aging commando. I think she looks great for her age and I make sure to let her know when she gets in chemist mode. Sometimes she needs a little bit more convincing, but for the most part I manage to get my point across and put a smile on her face.

I enjoyed reading this. #8

I enjoyed reading this. #8 was very insightful... I never thought about looking at it that way.


1. The point is not to impress others on your deathbed; the point is to be well reconciled with your own conscience. A fictional autobiography may be fun, but it’s inauthentic, and inauthenticity is hell.

2. Anticipate changing expectations that are richer and more attainable than the poorly informed expectations of youth. Don’t view resetting expectations as a sign of failure or shrinking anything. There is nothing lesser or shrinking about the focus on what really matters.

3. If the only adults are between 30 and 40 heaven help us all.

4. Aging is not bleak. We all make thousands of lasting marks in a lifetime. Few marks stand out or get plaques attached, but the marks we make still live on well beyond us all.

5. Agreed.

6. Agreed.

7. How sad to not have the intellectual vigor to seek out the experiences that lie under a senior’s attachment to days gone by. Better I’m sure to simply stand in smug derision of it.

8. I’m old and I don’t want anyone’s pity. I do reserve the right to complain about my aching joint or sigh when I get tired. It’s what authentic people in pain do – they sigh and complain. I’m blessed to have led a full life and I never forget that for one second. But my knees still hurt like hell.

9. How sad you are so foolish young man. You’ve never really known and loved it seems – or perhaps you have mommy or daddy issues??

10. Don’t look at my nose hairs. I don’t give two cents if I’m spoiling your view. Look somewhere else. Like in a mirror maybe?

For gawd's sakes, QUIT SMOKING & EXERCISE!

I had a Friend With Benefits a few years ago who was mighty hot AND 59 years old. What did he do? #1. He EXERCISED. A LOT.
He ran many miles a week, and didn't eat a lot of crap. And #2. He quit smoking. He used to be a smoker, but quit several years before. Non-smokers will ALWAYS age better and stay hotter longer. PLEASE, DON'T SMOKE! IT WILL DESTROY YOUR HOTNESS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!


So important...I dance to the beat of the drums-My love of swimming and Afro/Latin American music is hopefully keeping me young and healthy, even tho I just turned 60. I have survived cancer twice, but still swim, dance, and hike all of time. I eat lean red meat once a week, but eat a lot fresh vegs and fruits and other foods. I watch the wine and sweets, buy still treat myself. It is all about BALANCE and MODERATION......

Wonderful Article

I enjoyed reading this....As far as I am concerned-age is just a number. I am fit and curious at age 60. I go out with men my own age and younger. I have not lost my passion to learn, to excel at new things-such as dancing. It is unfortunate that our society puts rules on our age. If you have good health & values with a zest for living-you have it all!
Still thriving and ambitious at age 60!

Only five comments in

Interesting that the post was about mental/philosophical aging yet it only took five comments for the discussion to be derailed into "staying screwable".

Couldn't agree more, and what

Couldn't agree more, and what a shame. Interesting article though.

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