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If Everybody Hates “Game Playing” Why Does It Happen?

Who's the game player, the person who criticizes indirectly or the person who blocks direct criticism? Perhaps both but we're more likely to accuse the former. Read More

In other words....

We are all game players. Part of the human condition.

I'd say yes but the details

I'd say yes but the details matter, and we shouldn't take refuge in the "hey everybody does it so what the hell?" response.

There are times to block comment, times to comment underhandedly, times to control our appetite to block comment, times to control our appetite to comment underhandedly. Figuring Trying to figure out which those times are is a good use of the human moral intellect and and impulse.


I love this one

there is a great deal for me to appreciate in this article. It is indeed easy to dismiss others as having some maladaptive defect that one does not share and is, therefore, somehow superior. The reality is that everyone develops coping strategies as a result of many factors, and those strategies can be counter-productive. I think a lot of people who demonstrate features of co-dependence learned it from trying to interact with individuals who respond to them with walls and game-playing. Dealing with a brick wall is one of the most frustrating scenarios there is. This dynamic destroys potential and hope. It leads to frustration, defensiveness and disengagement. Who teaches us to know when it's time to fold instead of continuing a struggle to get through? Santayana was right- crazy is when you continue to do the same thing but expect different results.

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