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28/7: How To Get More Hours Out Of Your Day

I’m a pretty efficient guy, yet I'd bet 15% of my life’s work has gone into projects I didn’t bring to fruition, projects that therefore amounted to little more than “a learning experience.” That’s about four hours a day. I won’t waste still more time regretting that lost 15%, but I’d like to harvest all the learning I can from it. Here are ten tips harvested. Read More

Grammar/spelling ?

It's annoying to be interrupted in your
reading - the flow - because of simple spelling mistakes...
Twice - if not three times ! - I read ¨of¨ when you meant
... Not worth checking by humans, and relying
on spell-check, or what ?
I think I enjoyed the article... but I'm too annoyed
at the laziness of the proof-reading to know... : (.

It is all my fault. A very

It is all my fault. A very hasty contribution for which I apologize. In fact, I bit off more than I could chew, what with all the other things I had to do today, which makes the article hypocritical, since I argue in it that one shouldn't start what one can't bring to completion.

I've brought it to completion now.



No problem

Anybody who takes the time to own up to their mistakes
like this, gets my full respect. I'll look for your articles in the future.
Good job !

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