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Mastering the Therapeutic Art of Laughing At Yourself

If laughter is the best medicine, laughing at ourselves is a wonder drug, the best laxative for loosening a stuck up sense of self, for keeping ourselves regular, overcoming our tendency to see ourselves as irregular, exceptionally brilliant or exceptionally terrible. Here's a loose outline for an Exceptionalists Anonymous 12-step program. Read More

Be true to yourself and all the rest

Can we *all*, should we *all*, now I do mean *all* here, that is without any exception whatsoever, laugh at ourselves and think to ourselves:

Be true to yourself. Said Ted. And Adolf. And Joe. And Ian. And Ivan. And Adam. And Elliott. I'm sure that Alexander said this too. And Bony.

Treat others as you would yourself. You hate and despise yourself, Ted, Adolf, Joe? Why then ...

As for all the rest, the ones who stand by silently, the curious watchers in the playground, while the bullies torment. Do no harm. Don't interfere. Don't get involved. Let well alone. Pass by on the other side.

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