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What Makes Humanity Tick...Like a Time Bomb

Why do people get so needy and creedy in crisis, so near-sighted and yet so drawn to far-sighted dogma? The answer lies in the interplay of two forces that lurk in us all--Dubophobia: Doubt-fearing, and Dogmaphilia: Dogma-seeking. Here we explore the pattern and what to do to counter its dangerous consequences. Read More

Exactly Like Today's Politics

Dr. Sherman absolutely nails today's extremist national politics with one paragraph:

"Nothing instills confidence like a sweeping ideology.  Embracing one, we may think we’re paying attention to the big picture but really the ideology’s payoff is to the little picture.  Ideology restores certainty, which is exactly what we lack in a crisis.  Since we’re all somewhat dubophobic (doubt-fearing) we all have the potential to become dogmaphilic (dogma seeking)."

The two "authorized" political parties are the clearest examples of the dogmaphilic tendency, much to the detriment of us all.

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Jeremy Sherman is an evolutionary epistemologist studying the natural history and practical realities of decision making.


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