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Terrible, offering nothing to

Terrible, offering nothing to a person looking for help. That said, looking for help outside of oneself is madness.

Well there you go. But at

Well there you go. But at least you've got a rule to live by, looking for help outside oneself is madness. Never mind that it's thoroughly unworkable as is evident from you reading PT blogs. But still that rule could come in handy for you. If anyone ever asks you for help you can always just call them mad. ;-)

No seriously, I recommend that you steer clear of my articles. They're not for you. Like I say in the article lots of people (like you) find them disappointing because they don't give answers. Such people prefer the certainty of terribly ridiculous, thoroughly unworkable answers and you will find plenty of purveyors of them happily blind to their own inconsistencies. Enjoy them instead.


Not Content

Sounds like something is not going the way you want it go. Maybe having trouble communicating with a girl friend, even when lying in bed? If that is the case, there are "other fish in the sea."

;-) I'm not having the

;-) I'm not having the problem you describe, but I have, as have many, as have many had the problem of wondering whether to bite tongue, tongue lash or cut bait as you suggest. I hear you looking to help yourself, which is a reason to consider the counsel of others as you have here. I wish you luck and do invite you to consider the content of my article even if it leaves you un-contented.

I Am Very Content with my honey

I am doing very well communicating with my partner and thanks for your input.

Happy to hear. And happy

Happy to hear. And happy holidays.


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