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Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk

I kept getting drawn back to the AFSP's "Out of the Darkness" website. I know about suicide, mental illness, and secrets. Why wasn't I doing this walk? Read More

Out of Darkness Walk

Congrats on your decision to do the walk, and thank you! I battle a mood cycling disorder, and know many others who do as well. We've all been affected by suicide in one way or another - whether it's been someone we know, or a struggle of our own. I am doing the walk in Philadelphia this year as well - it's the first time I'm doing it, and with living right outside of Philly, I really had no excuse not too. Like you, I'm a bit worried about how I'll stay up all night, but I'm sure the adrenaline will kick in, and I'm encouraging friends and family to come to cheering stations. And I, too, hope it doesn't rain. :-)

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Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D. is Endowed Chair and Professor of Medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Her memoir Surrounded by Madnessis available at online bookstores.


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