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A New Way of Thinking About Depression

Despite the billions we’ve spent trying to combat depression, the number of U.S. adults suffering from depression continues to grow. Maybe it’s time to consider an alternative approach. Read More

The best book I have read on depression

is Bruce Levine's America's Depression Epidemic. I will check this one out too...

I am eager to look into this

I am eager to look into this book. It sounds like a very effective stance on the symptomology of and healing from depression. Having worked in the behavioral health field, we have all heard of the contrasting roles of transitioning from "victim" to "survivor"; however, there seems to be less emphasis on the role of "thriver." This book sounds like it may hold a vital concept(s) on ways to incorporate individual experiences with depression into a deeper appreciation for the growth that flourishes within us after a turmoltous bout with depression. Thank you for sharing!

meds saved my life

I suffer from severe repeated bouts of depression where I am on my back thinking of death for months. It is a chronic illness! When I am not depressed I do yoga meditation and run and paint. But when I am ill no about of CBT helps,only medication. I don't want to be told by another psychologist that meds are not the answer,for some they save lives.

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Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D. is Endowed Chair and Professor of Medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Her memoir Surrounded by Madnessis available at online bookstores.


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