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What happens to the consciousness of an animal during and after death? Might dogs and cats and other creatures experience lucid visions and hallucinations during the process of dying? A recent animal study sheds some interesting light on the near-death experience question. Read More

I dont understand it either

I dont understand it either quite frankly, but what I do understand is that Iv seen and experienced things that science would say were not normal. Rather then attempt to explain these things, I simply make note of them, and maybe someday an explanation will come. One of the reasons that I actually requested to be made an "guinea pig" of sorts was so that there would be real scientists who could make the appropriate observations and duly record them. Rather then the bizarre tactic the Vatican is taking and planning strategy behind hidden doors.

Today many will say Jesus was the perfect man, but Jesus himself said "we are all sinners". So was Jesus a liar, and prone to making false confessions? Or is someone doing some rather elaborate marketing, in the sprit of the one true religion, er..God. Jesus himself prayed to the "father", so like me he deferred to a higher source, or power, which for me is really quite easier to simply refer to as God. I know its God because I suffer, if it were the devil or "evil", I wouldnt be suffering. Interestingly i think I suffered a heart attack the other day, although it is rather uncomfortable, and painful. God wont let me go till the job is done. Which is why I had hoped people would have had done a physical examination, because then I could get back into shape. I actually hate my life at the current time but it does suit a purpose.

Sticking to the truth is the best course of course, keeping it simple and to the point makes it rather easy to remember. It is what it is, for what it is. Or you can make up some elaboate scheme like the progressives which history shows always falls apart, especially as Mr Biden would say, if the wrong jackass shows up.

Unseen things. Now today I would have to wonder how many people are aware of me, in whatever capacity they may believe. So far none other then Mr Beck have betrayed me, even tho if I am the real guy, I may well be the most important figure in the history of the world, for a variety of reasons. What the Vatican doesnt know, is that others have done the same thing. When "god" makes his presence known, or others decide to get "uppity" as in the case of the Vatican, we are quite good at dealing with those problems. Shaping the future. Incidentally part of the reaso nto take me prisoner and such wa to verfiy that I am in fact the "real" guy. But the evidence does seem to add up, doesnt it?

If one were to do an independant overall inventory of humanity, how anyone can even claim to be gods is beyond me. What has been created i nthe name of "progress" or futurism is a collosal disaster waiting to happen, and for the most part it is purely out of greed, vanity, and sheer stupidity.

China is an excellent example of the incompetence of the progressive Gods. China today is literally a fabrication, a construct to show the greatness of the progressive ideology. But, some jackass did show up and threw a lot of peoples timing off and the illusion is really starting to fall apart, as it would have anyways. China today is buying up massive quantities of resources, prodcuing masive amounts of intentionally designed inferior products for the purpose of high volumes repeat sales, utilizing near slave labor, whilst prodcuing ever increasing amounts of pollution whislt spoiling the land. True in the short term it has benefitted some chinese, and also turned many chinese int olittle phaorahs, but none of it is sustainable in any degree. In fact in short time it will turd out to be completely unsustainable, and guns wont do much to solve the problem. Which is a secret desire of progressives to simply force everyone to accept their viewpoint. Gettign the authority to use those guns is what confounds the progressives in America. But, never waste a crises, more so if you can create them.

What i am jealous about is all these people that seem to have a direct line to God, like he's on cell phone or computer somewhere desperate for someone to call. I dont even have that. Instead what I get are ideas. Some ideas il relay right away, others il sit on for years. So, part of the rationale for working with experts would be of course to validate or invalidate those ideas, is quiet, with room to toss ideas around. And if anyone has read all of my words some of those ideas are somewhat complex, requiring multiple fields of science to figure out.

Okay, since Pope Francis wants to fight, your turn.

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