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Achy Joints? Regular Sex to the Rescue

Lovemaking is surprisingly therapeutic for osteoarthritis. Read More

This all sounds good...But

Being in Pain seems to take away sex drive. Then you add depression and menopause, painful sex on top of that does not make for a very positive participation in sex. Issues with getting older and not feel good about your looks or the fact that you partner now smells like an old man. Vaginas drying up, your partner not sure he can achieve an erection let alone knowing if he will even be able to climax, the stress of trying too hard to make it happen,performing up to the standards your partner would like. It just more complicated than this article make its out to be. Make a plans to have sex? that takes the spontaneity out of it really. Just points out the fact that your old and that sex is only for the young and beautiful.

I wonder if the writer of this article considered any of this before he wrote one word down. Did he take into account the psychological ramifications of having Osteoarthritis causes due to the pain one experiences. This article just seems like somebody need to get an article written before a deadline. It's shallow and simplistic. I got Nothing from this except the realization of just how little people know about pain and role it plays in our lives. And how it adversely affects every part of our lives and the lives of the people around us. Sex is an answer someone gives when they have never experienced aging.

Yes, I thought about the points you raise

Of course, you're correct. Pain is depressing and add all the other indignities of aging and you'd have to be a fool to say that sex makes everything peachy again. It doesn't. But it helps. One key to successful aging is figuring out how to enjoy yourself despite the ravages of time. If you're into sex, it's a good way to go—and as a bonus, it helps reduce osteoarthritis pain.

not everyone ages the same way

The author's points seem reasonable to me. It's hard to write an article that is going to apply perfectly to everyone. Not every person ages the same way. And the advice may be just perfect for some people.

In fact, I was surprised to read that it's a rare person over 50 who doesn't suffer some OA-related pain and stiffness. I'm 62 and have yet to experience any pain or stiffness. But if it helps convince my wife to have sex more often, I'll fake some pain and point her to this article!

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