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Good advice with a minor nit-pic

As a healthy weight, working out, healthy living, great sex guy myself, protein is important and meat is the best way to get it. Fish, chicken, pork in that order are great, and occasional red meat, which I only avoid for calories more than content.

Its important to realize that getting fats is important, as much as .45g per day per lb of lean body weight. We need those and the hate for saturated fat seems to be overstated if some recent research on it is valid.

Still 90% of guys over 35 would benefit greatly from following your advice.

Yes, protein is important, but...

...many public health authorities agree that Americans consume much more of it than is necessary for good health. Many studies show that, on average, vegetarians or near-vegetarians are healthier than omnivores. There are two major problems with a high-meat diet. It usually comes with a good deal of animal fat, which increases risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many other ills. And it displaces fruits and vegetables in the diet—and fruits and vegetables contain the antioxidant nutrients that help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many other ills. So yes, protein is important, but legumes (beans) and fruits and vegetables provide all the human body really needs.

Such an important topic.

Thank you for this article. I think this is such an important topic among people concerned about their sex lives.

So many things hurt sexual satisfaction in our society: Being generally unhealthy (obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart/vascular issues and medications); depression and the prevalence of anti-depressants (which do real job on libido, orgasm, erectile function); barbaric prostate cancer treatments which fail to assist men (and their partners!) in regaining some sexual ability or interest; being very unhappy and uncomfortable with their body appearance...

When taken in total this stuff matters in a society!

(Complete disclosure - in spite of being very fit, healthy, and happy with my appearance I have zero sex life. Oh well. There's no magic bullet I guess.)

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