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Valentine's Day: A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie for Women

Chances are your sweetie will greet a fishnet body suit with less joy than trepidation. Read More

And for the women out there

And for the women out there who are on the receiving end of these gifts - suck it up!

You don't know how fortunate you are to have a partner who thinks you are beautiful and sexy enough to wear a thong, nippleless bra, or whatever. For goodness sakes consider the alternative!


I buy lingerie as gifts for my significant other. My advice is to get to know what you like and what she likes.

Think comfort if you don't think that you would like to wear the fabric, you should not buy it

Buy quality. There is a world of difference between high end and low end lingerie .. buy the best you can within your budget

Develop a sense of erotic. Lingerie is a gift that should appeal to a shared sense of erotic -- if you have not developed one, you are handicapped.

Don't be bashful. Men are too damned bashful about lingerie. Buying beautiful sexy garments for your significant other is something to celebrate, not hide. Don't slink around or be embarrassed

Think every day. If you complain about your partner's appetite for carnal interaction, buy lingerie that will make her feel beautiful and erotic every day.

Have fun. This is supposed to be fun guys. I have a great time shopping for lingerie with my partner and without her. the same goes for toys (but that is for another article). Let the process feed your fantasies ... then share them with your partner ...

Guys just sharing, I've found

Guys just sharing, I've found this interesting! Check it out!

buying a lingerie as a gift

buying a lingerie as a gift is smart idea.


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