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What Attitudes Toward Sex Do People Want In Lovers?

Men and women want similar traits—but don't know it. Read More

All the loaves are one dough (part I) because of all the Attitude Police.

I don't think 20 year-olds have much of a realistic view of what they want. So they primarily default to and just reflect the net brainwashing of the schools, pop culture, and the rest of this metaphysical circus. They are the fruit and slaves of the environment that bathes them not beings in vacuo (H.L. Mencken).

They are supposed to want the same thing, and so they do for the most part. Of course this is silly but one isn't supposed to question whether it's the right thing to be doing.


...young adults don't know what they want, but as I recall that increasingly distant period of life, I remember having clear likes and dislikes about sex and everything else.

I'm not saying that this study would turn out the same if taken by people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond—and I wish sex researchers would survey those demographics. But I blogged about this study because it asks interesting questions and might stimulate discussion among couples no matter what their ages.

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