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How Does Marijuana Affect YOUR Sex Life?

Recently, I listened as a prominent sex researcher summarized the sexual impairment caused by dozens of drugs, both legal and illicit. Her list included marijuana. Afterward, several in the audience asked why.

"Because it's sex-inhibiting," she replied.

"No it isn't," several countered. They all agreed it was sex-enhancing. Read More

Glad you asked, Mr. Castleman

The effects of marijuana strongly relate to how a person is feeling prior to smoking. If I'm in a bad mood and smoke, sex is completely out of the question because, as stated above, I become too "inward" and just can't connect with someone else. On the other hand, if my beau and I have had a great night out and top it off with a bowl, it's definitely got its merits.


My wife is 45. We have been married 18 years, and have sex 2-3 times per week. Around 40,
her anxiety over work and children related issues, often made it difficult to relax enough to enjoy sex. Orgasms, were often elusive, and the persuitof them became sometimes very frustrating, leading to a reduction in her overall desire to even attempt sex. Though I stopped smoking pot regularly in my early 20's, I remembered it as a sex enhancer, and always felt it would work very well for her in this year. About two years ago, I finally got her to try pot, before sex. It was (and still is) a magic love bullet.

The right pot (in the right mood) dramatically heightens the senses. touch. taste. smell. Pot has been a miracle drug for us in the bedroom.

(she is not a regular smoker, limiting use to 4 to 6 hits of legally purchased in colorado high grade marijuana. )

For any woman that has trouble coming..and is open minded..I say try it. You will probably like it...or...LOVE IT!!!!

amount or frequency?

I wonder if any of these studies factor in amount or frequency of the drug. For instance, I imagine that moderate or occasional use of cocaine, alcohol, amphetamine, marijuana or other drugs can be sex-enhancing. But heavy use or addictive behavior is probably sex-interfering. If this difference is not taken into account, that may be the reason for contradictory findings.

I totally agree i use

I totally agree i use marijuana maybe once a week and i always experience and increase in desire and pleasure when having sex. I have a few friends who experience the exact opposite probably because they smoke every single day from when they wake up until bed. So it probably depends on the frequency of usage.

The orgasms

the orgasms wouldn't stop. Long after my husband went to sleep!

Perfect match

Dayum, let's go up a hill together.

My 2 cents

As a daily smoker for many years (8+) I find that even though I have a minimal sex life(not related to the drug), I find that marijuana often enhances my self-pleasuring. Not always, but it never inhibits my enjoyment. I know this is more about connection, but thought I would chime in anyways.

My 2 cents


I am in a similar situation. Any advice, things you can tell me about how you are satisfying yourself would be VERY much appreciated, btw

Do you use Indica or Satvia?
How old are you? I 57

Depends on the Amount and the Kind

Contrary to popular belief not all buds are alike. Some of it makes you want to be very sexual and I've had some of the best orgasms of my life after using marijuana. Some of it makes you feel more introverted and thoughtful. Perhaps you should consider that like any drug, there are variations of it that give different responses.

Thanks for asking!

Strain please

DO you know what strain enhances?

To Be Honest...

My boyfriend and I have smoked (fairly heavily) for the past year and I would say that it 100% has a terrible effect on our sex life. We aren't smoking "high-quality" marijuana which I suppose could be to blame. Either way, it's been a huge libido killer for our relationship.

Does marijuana make sex better? OH OH OH YES!

I'm a woman who's had a lot of sex, both pot-enhanced and not, and once I did it enhanced I carried a few joints with me whenever I had a likely date. In every single instance I got so horny I'd beg for it and I was wet before even finishing the joint. In every single instance my partner's penis, even those of average size, seemed huge and rock-hard inside me, and he could give me orgasms (usually two or more per session) that were UNBELIEVABLE. I am a screamer and smoking made me even more so.

Pot also made me much more willing and eager to give oral. Though I much prefer intercourse, with pot I am able to climax during 69.

All in all, I'd say that marijuana has the ability to turn great sex into amazing, incredible, mindblowing sex.

I agree 100% and I'm a male.

I agree 100% and I'm a male. I can orgasm 3 or 4 times in one session when I use pot but I ingest it rather that smoke it, I like the full body effect it has and it lasts much longer than smoking it.

I agree absolutely. My wife

I agree absolutely. My wife and I ( after 36 years of marriage)decided to try MJ for the first time. We both abhor smoking so I made an oil that I mixed with chocolate. It took to to 2.5 hours to take effect but then the effects lasted for 5 to 12 hours! I cannot begin to describe the experience and benefits. The sex was incredible. Unhurried, erotic, ecstatic and "spiritual" and "electric" sex, telepathy. Orgasms different and more intense. Mo re of them. No side effects other than a lack of depression .... yes a lack of depression!

Ingested- 5 to 12 hours of sexual heaven

I agree absolutely. My wife and I ( after 36 years of marriage)decided to try MJ for the first time. We both abhor smoking so I made an oil that I mixed with chocolate. It took to to 2.5 hours to take effect but then the effects lasted for 5 to 12 hours! I cannot begin to describe the experience and benefits. The sex was incredible. Unhurried, erotic, ecstatic and "spiritual" and "electric" sex, telepathy. Orgasms different and more intense. Mo re of them. No side effects other than a lack of depression .... yes a lack of depression!

"Sex while high is the best"

I remember the first time I had sex while high... I felt more horny, I felt the sensations stronger, I lasted longer, and I had a better orgasm...

Since then, I try and get high with every girl that I'm going to have sex with

I agree 100%!

I'm not a frequent smoker, but when I have smoked and then had sex, its been the most amazing sex of my life. What's more is that the only time I've ever had an vaginal orgasm during sex was when I was high.

Thanks for the article!


Smoking marijuana before sex has enabled me to climax during intercourse.Without marijuana,I am one of the 70 percent of women who can not climax during intercourse..with it I can have multiple orgasms...just sorry that I did not know this 30 years ago.

big Ooooohhhh

Agreed! All accounts. I started smoking for migraines and found myself not only wanting sex but capturing orgasmS that were previously very allusive.

the boyfriend agrees

I'm not sure if one would categorize me as a heavy or frequent or what kind of smoker-- but I smoke at least once a day, some days more than others. Pot either enhances or has a neutral effect on my libido. For myself, emotional or hormonal changes noticeably effect my sex drive FAR more than the drug has ever. I do believe that any individual who uses in excess could be using that drug/substance for reasons beyond the physical, and perhaps it is the emotional state, not the drug, that is the source of lost desire. If that is the case, the drug becomes a kind of scape goat for other issues. Not necessarily true for all, but perhaps for some.

Besides, it sounds like all the studies which have been done on this topic to date have incredibly flawed control groups.

Marijuana and sex: what a ride!

Perhaps the effect of Marijuana on one's sexual experience does have to do with one's unique physique and frequency of use, but on a personal level, what smoking pot did to my experience with oral sex is something I would gladly repeat and enjoy daily. The enhancement of sensations is mainly what I remember most. I just didn't want to stop. Fantastic experience.

I totally agree. My

I totally agree. My experience was out of this work, both with oral sex and regular sex. Me and my partner decided to have sex while high after his cousin suggested it when we first met. And it was amazing! I would definently recommend trying it and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Marijuana & Sex

I also agree! The sex is out of this world for me after smoking MJ for the first time that day. My GF also agrees. Foreplay seems to go on and on. Oral sex is totally mind blowing. I do not want to stop nor does she want me to stop oral. When we finally get around to intercourse, my orgasms are unbelievably powerful. However, after the first orgasm, desire seems to drop off precipitously, but no more so than when not smoking. My unscientific conclusion is that the initial effects of THC is that it initially increases testosterone/desire significantly but after the first orgasm and/or more smoking, it has the opposite effect.

It's largely about the dose.

It's largely about the dose. I once read "less is more" with respect to cannabis and sex, and that's been our experience. Too much is distracting, and no one really wants to go to bed with an inward-focused metathinker - you will notice and attend to entirely the wrong things.

Just a little right before you do flash those bedroom eyes helps with inhibitions and makes it a little easier for people to trust, as well as the oft-reported effects on sensation (especially orgasms). Pot doesn't make you horny on its own, but if you were headed that way anyway it will make the experience more intense.

Same principle as alcohol really - a little is ok, too much and you're snoring alone.

(Another poster notes that the ratio of THC to other cannabinoids can differ with cultivar and administration technique - true, but that's another thing that seems to matter less when the dose is kept low.)

It seems unfortunate to preach moderation when the subject is supposed to be hot sex & drugs, but it really does work. ;)

Part of the issue is the

Part of the issue is the smoker's ability to self-assess the experience. My partner is a fairly regular user(3-5 times/week) and I don't smoke at all. He says it makes things even better for him. But ... it's like sleeping with a different person for me, and not in a good way. Things take much much longer to get up, if you get my drift, and if there's been a lot of use (say 2-3 times that day), launch may not occur at all. There is a marked tendency for the star player to go down at the most inopportune times and sometimes stay there. At least 30-50 percent of the time, he doesn't even climax. There's no foreplay. It's very zombie-like and disconnected on my end. OTOH, he's amazing sober and all of those problems vanish almost completely 48 hours after his last hit - at that point he turns into a freaking mastermind in the bedroom. The difference is amazing.

I tried to mention this to him a couple of times, kindly and discreetly, and he was both shocked and adamant that mj only enhances the experience and never has detrimental effects and these studies must not be well-formulated. He holds our experiences up as an example. Errrr....

I think it depends on extent of use and definitely on amount used

As I've continued to use marijuana (been almost 5 years smoking now) it's inhibited sex for me more and more. At first it just made it last longer, but now (and actually being the reason for researching and finding this thread) it's just been making it harder to keep it going. The past 2 girls I've been with whenever we're stoned and goin at it it doesn't keep me from getting horny and getting it up. Still have loads of fun with foreplay and feel closer when snuggling afterward (though I personally love those parts of sex), but for the actual sex part it's been harder to keep it going. I think it's a mix of a few things that lead to this. For one, I get really bad cotton mouth when stoned so need some type of drink near by to drink from every few minutes and when my mouth gets too dry my mind being all stoned focuses more on how annoying that is than the sex. Also when smoking a lot I've found that, especially when using condoms, it's almost made my..area a bit more numb to the sex. Definitely prefer sober sex or when a little drunk, but still can't help but indulge a bit on weed prior to the fun sometimes.

How do u deal with it??? That

How do u deal with it??? That is exactly what happens to me and i hate it!! All he wants to do is sleep and watch tv!! It seems that he forgets that i am there right next to him!!! I have tried to seduce him doing different things but no matter what i do.. he is on his own word!

I have a similar problem with

I have a similar problem with my boyfriend, he smokes at least once a day, and I know, every night when he takes his "night-joint", that sex is yet again OFF the table, and i HATE it so much. So yes on him it is increasing the sex life. And i MISS it, i am a big fan of sex, and especially in the evenings, so if any one has any advice on how to make him interested when high, i would love it!

Dosage Thesis is Correct

Given the THC/Cannabinoid levels in today's cannabis, it's easy to over-do-it...even overdose. Cannabis should command respect; it's a powerful drug affecting one's mind/body (holistic dualism) consciousness. Sativa blends (e.g. Canna Sutra) seem to work best. Sexual arousal and Indica strains seem a poor mix or match. The functional key to deep satisfying sex (other than heterosexual monogamy in a loving marriage) is 'take is slow' and make it romantic. She comes first!! It's the natural brain chemicals which release slowly during sexual arousal that form the basis for "hot sex."

It is Impossible to overdose

It is Impossible to overdose from THC unless you have a main line IV drip, THC is non-neuro toxic at any levels of eating or smoking. If you would like more information please fell free to visit
They have lockers of information and medical studies.

As far as personnel experiences go I have found edible highs to be much better as it is a "body" high and allows my mind to stay on task ;).

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