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Finally, the Addiction Cure Is Here, Right?

The promise of an addiction cure is alluring, but the evidence keep suggesting that for those who meet chronic addiction criteria, the cure is going to be a combination of approaches. Read More

Baclofen is popular in France

Huge amount of media attention for baclofen here. Some psychiatrists, associations of baclofen users and alcologists wrote a tribune together stating the cure was here, and the french health authorities were guily of non assistance of people in danger for not authourising it's use in alcoholism treatment!!

One or two television programmes also vaunting baclofen as THE CURE alcholics have been waiting for...

So many ways to sobriety or harm reduction, and here professionals are fighting over how to treat addicts, sad so sad for the addicts!!!!!

Lot of money in addiction treatment though eh..


The addiction cure is the same as the mental illness cure.

Addiction is cured depending on how well the mental illness is cured.

I thought everyone understood that.

For some people the

For some people the pharmaceutical options (especially naltrexone and baclofen) really do produce a seemingly miraculous cure. I went from hopeless alcoholic to teetotaler in a couple of months using the Sinclair Method (naltrexone), and I would try to tell the world if I thought it would work for most alcoholics. Unfortunately, I've seen it fail for enough people to know that the claims about its efficacy are complete bullshit, just like the claims about the efficacy of other remedies are complete bullshit. I think the people making those claims must be sincere, but it requires a lot of willful ignorance and projection. Anyone who says things like, "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path," or, "a long-term success rate of 80%" cannot be taken seriously.

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