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Confronting difficult topics with kids

Understanding Peer Pressure: Walking in Their Shoes

Fitting in, finding acceptance, and establishing identity are activities often played out through the child’s “body self”—feelings, attitudes, and behaviors about how kids look. While this is a topic where angels (much less parents) dare not tread, parents can provide invaluable support as their children confront these challenges. Read More

This is powerful and

This is powerful and inspiring.. Excellent article.. Thank you for sharing this.!!

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Okay, now how about comfy shoes that won’t make me look like a nurse or a complete dork? When I travel, I do a lot of walking around and there is no way that I would be caught dead in these hideously ugly monstrosities!

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John Chirban, Ph.D, Th.D., is a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School.


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