Against All Odds

Overcoming reactive attachment disorder

A Story of Adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder

A family's struggle with a child suffering from RAD turns into a hopeful story. Read More

What a wonderful child Julia

What a wonderful child Julia is, and what wonderful parents you are! I was very touched by this story.

Great article. A real

Great article. A real challenge comes when your daughter transitions to adulthood. I am sure
you will be there for her.

Discussed on CHILDMYTHS

Jean Mercer, PhD, discusses Traster:

June 2, 2013
"Tina Traster Teaches Us About the Need for Pre-Adoption Education"

More Relevant Information:

Many adult adoptees and adoptive parents DO NOT consider Traster to be an "expert."

See article and comments here:

See reviews here:


Our adopted son and RAD

We are dealing with RAD as well with our adopted son. It has been a very stressful, and at times frightening, experience for us all, and I am so glad that yours is working out. We are hoping for the same, but as you said, it will take a while. We have just been diagnosed with RAD after being with a "top" pyschlogical family counseling group in the Washington DC metro area for 5 years who were unable to figure out what was going on. Even though we gave them all of the information on ours and our son's institutional first 13 months of life. He is now almost 9, and we have known that something was wrong from 15 months. I would advise most people who adopt from Russia and most orphanage settings to always consider RAD as a possibility. I remember Fetal Alcohol Syndrome being stressed, but not RAD, which can be exhaustive and overwhelming to live through, especially as in our case, when the misdisagnosis goes on for years. Not all experts are experts in RAD! These beautiful children are so worth the struggle and the work, but I would urge all parents to look into strong bonding therapy and counseling on how to effectively parent for this type of child. We are currently using the Circle of Security group, though there are others who specialize in this. Also, I would stress that newly adopting parents be aware that the earlier therapy starts, the better outcome for everyone.

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Tina Traster is a journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, the New York Post, Time Out New York, Audubon, among others. She is the author of the Rescuing Julia Twice.


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