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The 5 Top Treatment Centers in the World

What is the definitive short list of rehabs for all budgets? Read More

CLARE definitely - but the

CLARE definitely - but the others? Really? Ever hear of Betty Ford? Hazelden? Willingway? Sierra Tuscon? Cirque Lodge?


Seriously? For all budgets?

Seriously? For all budgets? Seriously? I'm sorry but for someone to be writing about addiction I'm left wondering if you truly understand the situation majority of addicts are in, you know the everyday people that will never be able to afford treatment. As a drug addict, I'd love to go to rehab. As a drug addict let me explain reality. All of my money has been lost to drugs. I'd charge rehab on credit cards but oh wait that's right when my addiction spiraled I maxed all my credit cards out and it is taking years to rebuild my credit. I'd sell my car but wait I already did, for drugs. Anything of value is gone. That's an addicts life. I would ask my family for help but they refuse to believe I have a drug problem and get angry if I ask for help. I'm tired of blog after blog talking about addiction and having no real concept of it. A celebrity drug addict is not in the same position as the rest of us addict. Every time someone famous dies from their addiction there are countless articles written that tell us nothing. Addiction is not going to be figured out by focusing on Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Nor through debating the pros and cons of aa. The debate over whether or not addiction is a disease is the wrong thing to focus on. The whole addiction world is separated by actual addicts and the people who claim to be addiction experts. The experts are more concerned with being right and being smarter than their counterparts and that's the discussion. Obviously help is not reaching those who suffer with addiction.

And in case you want to

And in case you want to suggest state run treatment programs, that's not an option. I have a job. I make too much money to qualify for that kind of help. I make too much money but all my money goes to drugs. If I were capable of saving my money for rehab I wouldn't need rehab. The whole system is beyond ridiculous. People want help and there is no help.

5-best Treatment Centers In the World.

California is the center of the recovery world and all of the best treatment centers in the world are there? What incredible hubris! Your total lack of investigation, knowledge, perspective and the absence of objective criteria to validate your ratings makes this whole blog seem like the ranting's of someone in the throes of childish "my dad can beat up your dad" taunts. Grow up and while you are at it, find something better to do with your time...and ours!

Did you really research

Did you really research treatment options around the entire world?? And they all just happen to be in SoCal? Not buying it.

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