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What Might Have Saved Philip Seymour Hoffman

People arguing that Philip Seymour Hoffman needed more drugs are severely missing the point. What he needed was less. Read More

My friend the heroin addict

I have a friend who is a heroin addict. He cycles, he does heroin, then decides he want to get sober and does so with great effort and fanfare, only to relapse for a few years. Fortunately, I don't let myself get sucked into his drama, and boy is there drama. If my friend loves anything, it is his own self-created drama, as he is a bit of a narcissist as well.

His family is sick of him, his siblings are sick of him and my friend has lost most of his other friends. I don't interact with him while he is using, which he is now.

There are a lot of programs, my friend is deeply involved in NA. He's been to the hospital. He hasn't taken an bupe that I know about, but that will probably be his next trick, or round of drama.

I don't think my friend is necessarily addicted to the heroin, as he is to the cycling, the drama, the getting his life together and his constant begging for forgiveness. He self-creates problems and situations that cause him to feel bad, then he returns to using because he feels bad. Nobody but me has ever talked to him directly about why he enjoys this cycling so, not AA and not any psych counseling he's received.

I figure this isn't going to be a problem much longer, my friend is probably just months away from a certain death. My conclusion is that the rehab industry has no clue what they are doing.

>>But because Hoffman was

>>But because Hoffman was “just” an artist, he followed the cheap, easy, brief trajectory that ordinary people in this country follow.<<

Indeed being an artist may have been his downfall. In Hoffman's interview with 60 minutes in 2006, he implied that doing well at his job was really what gave him serenity in life. In other words, his job was his ultimate purpose in life. At least that is what I took away from the interview.

People who don’t know their purpose or have a skewed purpose try to do too much — and that causes stress, fatigue, and conflict. Is getting high, altering life (escaping)with a quick fix or a mood changer, your purpose in life? Ask yourself, whatever you do in life, does this activity serve my purpose? What is your Purpose in life? Do you have one? (Global reason for living). Knowing your purpose gives meaning to life. Ask yourself whatever you do, does this activity serve my purpose? I don't think it did for Phillip Hoffman and we are all suffering for it.

Physician Health Programs are the "new inquisition" not "paradigm"

The Physician Health Program "New Paradigm" is Propaganda put out by the ASAM and FSPHP. The data is based on a small non-randomized retrospective cohort study and done by FSPHP physicians using false endpoints. Everyone keeps repeating the laudatory praise but no one actually looks at the data. Physician Health Programs once were benevolent organizations that helped sick doctors and protected the public. But over the past 10 years they have been taken over by the ASAM FSPHP doctors and are abusive reservoirs of bad science. Most of the doctors in them are not even really addicts. They encourage confidential referral and bring a doctor in. If they think he needs a monitoring contract there is no choice. It is a system of abuse and control Ethical and criminal violations have been reported -false diagnoses, forensic fraud, civil rights violations. No appeal process--12 step indoctrination is mandatory for these poor doctors. Multiple violations of the Establishment Clause being reported. Those in them remain silent for fear of retaliation. Other doctors remain blinkered or fearful they will target them.

The "new paradigm" is simply a bill of goods Dupont is selling to the public for his drug testing business which is the 6th largest in the US.

Take a look at the comments section of Dr. Wes Boyd's blog--a real eye opener.

Anne Fletcher also shedding some light on these profiteers and zealots.

A swaggering parade of propaganda, misinformation, and logical fallacy.

Robert Dupont (White House drug chief, 1973–1977, ASAM, FSPHP) is one of the primary architects of the Physician Health Program system and claims it is a "replicable model" that is a "paradigm" for treatment of addictions.

He and Peter Bensinger (DEA chief, 1976–1981) run a corporate drug-testing business. Their employee-assistance company, Bensinger, DuPont & Associates, the sixth largest in the nation and they plan to to improve this status.

Introducing and promoting junk science and proselytizing the 12-steps he and his associates produce a plethora of pulp fiction and publish methodologically flawed opinion pieces masquerading as science that they then use as stepping stones to support successive self-serving positions.

For example this article ( ), published in an ASAM incubated journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, promoting the PEth test to confirm drinking in physicians being monitored by the Alabama Physician Health Program who tested positive for EtG/EtS alcohol biomarkers is co-authored by Dupont, Greg Skipper, and Friedrich Wurst. Skipper introduced and proselytized the EtG as he is now doing with the PEth test and Wurst has a patent for EtG/EtS testing.

The conflicts of interest are staggering and the PHPs are colluding with drug testing companies and 12-step rehab centers to commit fraud. Here is an example of forensic fraud--Annie Dookhan as grand groupthink.

The master plan is to roll out the perverse PHP Hazelden model of prohibitionist brain-disease frequent testing contingency-management model to the masses. Eroding professional protocols and scientific standards the plan is to use this as a prototype and if we remain silent they may very well get the job done.

Who knows?

There is no telling if he was even sober for those 12 years. There is no telling what he was truly feeling and Anna shouldn't speculate.

The truth is, he was not using the Suboxone correctly and many people don't. I have found that I can take Suboxone and later, if I feel like it, I can chew on a Fentanyl patch and get even higher, if I choose to.

I don't abuse these anymore as I am on methadone treatment for 2 months now. I would rather be on Suboxone which is too expensive ATM for me but I will be making the switch as soon as I can afford it. I hope I don't relapse but I myself can not say this won't happen, no one can.

No one knows what Philip went through except Philip and maybe a VERY close friend or drug buddy. I do know that Suboxone isn't the blame, but H is and the needle. The needle has as much impact as the drug does, but you would need to be there to understand this. That is why no one should say what would/could have saved him.

There is so much more to this but I would need a book to finish.


My guess is he had the subuxone but failed to take it, at least recently enough to work. Suboxone binds to the receptor, which blocks the effects of other opiates!

ASAM, FSPHP are corporate and political front-groups. this is BS propaganda

Please take a look at Robert Dupont's keynote speech before the annual Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

He describes a "new paradigm" for drug and alcohol testing that he wants to expand to EAPs and schools. This is a Zero-tolerance frequent testing with "swift and certain" consequences operation of coercion, control, and fear. He designed the model over the past 15 years with the ASAM and FSPHP. ASAM is a corporate (drug testing labs, Hazelden and other 12-step rehab centers, etc) and political (AA) Front group that is the propaganda, misinformation, and lobbying arm. Unrecognized by the American Board of Medical Specialities they created a fake Board Certification (ABMS) by certifying themselves, claimed to be experts in Addiction medicine, changed public policy, regulations, and law by strategic self serving lobbying, and convinced regulatory boards, politicians, and other groups they are experts. Dupont and his cohorts publish junk studies that serve as stepping stones to successive positions in ASAM and IBH (another prohibitionist front).

These "Board Certified" ASAM doctors then joined State "Impaired physician" programs across the Country (organizations designed originally to help doctors with substance abuse problems), gained power, and formed the FSPHP. They systematically removed physicians in the PHP programs over time if they were not prohibitionist zealots. Those removed were threatened with lawsuits by FSPHP legal that if they violated "peer review" or confidentiality agreements they would take heavy legal action so they could not report the misconduct, ethical, and legal violations they witnessed.. ("win or lose we will bankrupt you"). The FSPHP then incorporated nationally and now controls the PHP programs in all states.

During the past decade they have strengthened their opacity, impunity, and immunity and altered existing statutes and regulation. They are accountable to no one, unregulated, and have no oversight.

They have the power to target ad remove any doctor they choose to. If they require a monitoring contract the doctor must sign it and do whatever they say with no appeal. They control the process and have conflict of interest relationships with specific facilities where they are engaging in political abuse of psychiatry, false diagnoses, and fraud. They routinely commit forensic fraud with junk-science alcohol tests they introduced (EtG, PEth), and this is all designed to be hidden from public scrutiny. Suicides in doctors has gone up dramatically over the past 5 years as they completed the coup.

There is a culture of silence in the medical community. No one dare speak against them. There is a pervasive climate of fear. And it is also the major reason so few doctors are interested in being involved with medical marijuana. The FSPHP is tracking those that are and have the power to bring them in at any time. This has already been done in Oregon and it sends a powerful message. This was by design. Even though most consider him an archaic 77 y/o drug war dinosaur, Bob Dupont is the single biggest barrier to medical marijuana and this needs to be exposed.

He is now calling this system of abuse, coercion, and control the "new paradigm" based on one-sided propaganda. Few are speaking out. But if you take a look at the comments section here you will be shocked!

This is the master plan of Dupont. He apparently did not kill enough kids in Straight, inc and the spawn it started.

And he now plans to make this Zero-tolerance prohibition swift-consequence model the standard for the nation. A police state of total prohibition. He already has the scaffold in place and if we don't stop him he very well could get it done.

--Warren Mullaney, MD

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