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Holiday Gifts for the Sober Addict

What do you buy the addict who's in recovery? Read More

Dylan. if you think Laura`s

Dylan. if you think Laura`s stori is inconceivable, on sunday I got a brand new Mercedes when I got my check for $6494 thiss month and over $10 thousand last-month. it's actualy the best job Ive had. I began this 7-months ago and right away started bringin in more than $76... per hour. view it now

How about something they want as a human being

Someone "in recovery" isn't a cookie-cutter robot. They are still a human being with various things they enjoy and want. Why wouldn't they still be the same human being? This is like if a loved one was being treated for cancer and everything you were supposed to buy them pointed out their suddenly bald head or tried to make them into a "survivor" poster child. Poor taste.


What newly sober men need is just some awesome sex with a sober woman. Sober women need validation from great (but terribly shy and insecure) sober men. They need assurance that they have a life, not just a prison of "my only identity is what I can't do anymore"..

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Anna David is the author of two novels and three non-fiction books and frequently speaks about addiction and recovery in the media and on college campuses.


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