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Wealth Gap-itis and the Holidays

Have the holidays increased your anxiety, frustration, and sense of powerless about money? You may be suffering from the psychological impact of the wealth gap. Learn what it is and what you can do to take charge and move forward. Read More

Welcome to freedom

This was a flatter curve until Obama became President. The real solution should be obvious.


The principal reason for income inequality is that those on the bottom do nothing and are freeloaders. And, government has created economic incentives for less well off people to remain single and have single income households, rather than double income households. Single income households maximize the amount of money and benefits that freeloaders receive from those who work hard.
If you want money, you must work hard and get educated for a very long time.
If you prefer to be a freeloader, fine. But you can't be a freeloader AND complain about not getting more from others. You are not a victim. You are a freeloader!

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