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Dislike of a Friend’s Romantic Partner

Unfortunately, there are times when we dislike the person our close friend is dating. Individuals often, then, feel torn on whether to tell their friend about this dislike. Research highlights why individuals disclosed dislike of a friend's romantic partner, why they withheld the dislike, & effects on the friendship. Read More

Learn to deal with it

There are also times when we dislike the relatives, friends or coworkers a close friend is related to, works with, or is friends with. But you keep quiet and still support your friend.

Why is whom your friend is romantic with somehow subject to a different standard than the other people in your friends life?

Since you aren't sleeping with or dating your friends romantic choice of person(s), the best course of action is to treat it like you do all friends other relationship choices - with respect and supportto the best of your ability.

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Sean M. Horan, Ph.D. is a faculty member at Texas State University who researches the communication that occurs in dating relationships.


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