Addiction in Society

Addiction—the thematic malady for our society—entails every type of psychological and societal problem

Adolescence Disorder

Is adolescence a disease state due to brain development, and is mental illness–usually undiagnosed–rampant among teens? Read More

"Identified patients?"

Many adolesents are actually the "identified patients"
in a pathological family situation. Very rarely, is it
solely the teenager's fault.

yep - agree

Love this. Teenagers are a US invention and now because they don’t go according to the plan, you got to stuff them with pills so they are more docile and easy to manage?

I Love the energy and intensity of teenagers.

Nothings brings up the sense of your own mortality, and insignificance in the large scheme of things, like a precious cherub in throws of a growth spur and raging hormones pushing you away to be themselves by screaming that you are old and know nothing. It’s hard to take.

“They typically report an uneventful childhood rudely interrupted by adolescent anxiety” – yeah right, please refer to Sleeping Beauty, nothing brings unconscious and buried family crap like adolescence. Leaving the family system and hitting the real world can be bumpy.

I had neighbors who were pillars of the community, a high ranking policeman and a teacher, very law & order, homophobic and racist as well, charming people when you did not really know them. Their only son went to a JDC at 17 after an failed armed burglary ( with his dad’s gun) on his dad’s betting joint. They dealt with it by acting like he went to a holiday camp and stopped shopping locally to avoid reality hitting their narcissist bubble. Everybody blamed the teenager and not the parents.

The real truth came out a year ago, after dad leaving mum for a woman half his age. Dad has a few addiction ( gambling and sex ) and mum is one of those women who, indoors, put up with anything not to be divorced.
Their son’s action wasn’t totally nuts.

Low Tolerance Disorder - Adults

How can a Psychiatrist / Psychologist be sure that he isn't diagnosing the wrong person - in all the best scary films - it turns out that it is never the person "diagnosed" as "mad" who is the mad person?

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