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A Woman Fights AA, Alcoholics Anonymous as Narcissist

According to Juliet Abram and other victims, Alcoholics Anonymous is a narcissistic, bullying, sexist organization--and has been since the days of Bill W. And she has the scars to prove it. Read More

You're right, Juliet

No judge has the right to make you go to AA.

But judges do have the right to send you to jail, which is where you deserved to be. Instead, the judge was soft and stupid enough to give you another option. And instead of thanking him for not throwing the book at you, you're a bellyaching ingrate.

There is a narcisssist in this story, and her name is Juliet Abram.

You're Half Right

Judges do have the right to send people to jail. Considering that AA is as effective as no AA, jail would be just as effective as AA. That said, I had every right to tell my probation officer and judge I didn't want to go AA because it didn't work for me before. If they were going to play doctor and prescribe me treatment, they could have sent me to real doctors and listened to their opinion. They did not do that.

My psychologist at one of the largest mental health networks in the county made the recommendation for an emotional cognitive therapy group that met weekly. Her idea was rejected by the courts, although it would have been paid at my own cost. Instead, my court earmarked treatment money from the state of Ohio for sending me to inpatient treatment, costing in the thousands. This expensive solution included mandatory AA meetings.

I, being such a narcissist as I am, though my psychologist could save the court and the taxpayers money by the alternative treatment. However, this would curtail the statistics in the county in how many dollars and humans are sent to rehab. They'd lose their funding.

AA or Jail is AA's narcissistic slogan

AA or Jail is an AA slogan and it makes no sense to anyone other than an AA member. Primarily because you're presenting AA as an equal to jail, which means you are saying AA is similar to jail.

The goal of offering treatment to drunk drivers and other problem drinkers is to stop jail overcrowding. It costs you and myself as a taxpayer more money to send people to jail.

Hence, the treatment or jail option. Treatment is less expensive.
9.2 billion federal dollars is spent to fund treatment in the U.S. and that money is not limited to AA. Correction: That money does not go to AA, it goes to the courts. So I'd ask you, why are the courts choosing the 12 Step AA when they're given up to billions of a dollars a year to treat drunk drivers?

See U.S. budget for treatment here:

Also, the U.S. government and your tax dollars are not supposed to pay for anything related to AA:

Does that make sense?

AA and their members are narcissists (singular in purpose?) because they do not want to treat alcoholism, they want to spread the AA message. If they wanted to treat or cure alcoholism, they'd appreciate SMART recovery or SOS, etc. Nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

AA also protects abusive

AA also protects abusive husbands. Sponsers write letters in support of putting kids in unsafe situations. Abusive men find another target and then get that woman as a negative advocate to perpetuate the abuse on the former ex. Meanwhile that ex is labelled vindictive and jealous. It is not abuse to break away from an abuser. It is abuse to watch as these predators cry on national television that they just want to be in their kids life as they cheat, lie, manipulate and create a betrayal bond. It is abuse when people write articles in support of men who are on their third or fourth marriage and are teaching their sons that is how woman are to be treated.

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