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What's Donald Sterling's Hang-Up?

Donald Sterling's hang-ups are as old as the hills -- and they include sex, virility, and power as much as racism. Read More

Opposites attract

Don't you think by having him admit to her that is OK to sleep around with men black men privately, it diminishes his attractiveness towards her? The man is 80-something years old. I think he's being realistic, and as long as her needs are being met -- physically -- then he can work with that. I think it has less to do with his insecurities and possibly more due to his securities. The fact that he can influence those with money it means it enables him to stick to his repertoir. According to her, she recorded the tapes in case he forgets some things. What those things are I have no idea, other than I think he did trusted her, even if that trust was a bit misguided.

And take into account that at some point in the tape he mentions how she should be a "bright" white or latina girl. I mean, he knows that she's mixed. Why would he think otherwise? This is why I think it has nothing to do with jealousy and arguably more to do with power. And since he trusted her, he wanted to be his girl in his own vision.

Is a bit strange. There are a number of theories I picked out. But that should not excuse his racist attitudes, even if it is about jealousy or power.

His hang-up or yours?

I really love liberal psychologists who live and work in all-white areas alone in their offices. They don't have to worry about bullying in the workplace from diverse groups. They know that some minority groups don't seek therapy.

They know about personality disorders such as ASPD and NPD and how they are rampant in some communities, as shown by crime statistics. Yet, the word racism, however defined and thrown around, is abhorrent to them, even though, if they were honest, they'd admit to a little bit of it themselves because it is healthy to identify with your ethnic group. Maybe it's because they really don't believe in psychology or reality. Sigh.

I wonder what Obama's hangups

I wonder what Obama's hangups are? I mean between this guy and the attorney general they seem hell bent of promoting the boogey man of white racism is around every corner waiting to pounce and cause inequality lol The guy has to be one of the biggest racebaiters and insecure people on the planet.He lies blatantly and the media covers his every scandal and sin.Yet nonstop coverage of an opinionated NBA owner (who most likely was illegally taped without his permission mind you) is the biggest story in the country.Apparently black perps beating elderly white folks half to death in the street warrants little to zero mass media coverage,ah thats okay we know the drill.

Megabucks just doesn't buy the quality of woman it used to.

What's the worst portion of this mortal life?
A pensive mistress, and a yelping wife.
- Theodore Roethke

Having a yelping mistress is just totally messed up.

Did he meet her on one of those gold-digger / sugar-baby sites? They could put GPS trackers on them and they'd take you right to all the assholes. Women really know how to pick 'em. When two women agree on the same guy, it's a lock.

And Martian B just displayed

And Martian B just displayed heavy-duty sexism. Wow, let's hunt him down and ban him from - um everywhere.

Just joking, MB, I want equality without the humourless aspects of extreme PC.

I'll never say a bad thing about Mark Cuban again

Of all the people castigating that imbecile Sterling, Mark Cuban was the only one I saw who said, "You mean, if they caught a private conversation and someone said something homophobic, or zenophobic, or against a religion, or anti-Semitic -- they'd be gone too?"

Donald Sterling's hang-up is

that he is ancient.

Old people say funny things.

Not Ah Ah funny, but remarks that show how the world has changed and how it has left them behind bewildered.

You smile and think : Yeah right !!

And did DOREMI just display


I watched as Joe Scarborough held up the cover of a tabloid featuring a close-up of Sterling's face and mocked his appearance as someone who could hope to appeal to women.


Pull the other one on ageism, I am a woman past 35.
I live in a world where George Clooney self-satisfied bachelor has been saved by the “ right woman “ young, beautiful and brainy ( the ones before obviously were dog’ dinners – thanks you ) and “poor, selfish, nuts, man’s face, old, barren ” Jennifer Anniston may have been “saved” from being an old lady eaten by her cats by the bad-boy de service Justin.
I am really envious of Talia Balsam, she has bagged the coolest second husband.
Not only is Sterling an old man, he is a rich old white man. He made tons of money being a racist landlord, enough money to buy a basketball team. His racism is not new. He is as old as Clive Bundy and has been brought up with the same sense of superiority over people of colour, and has never decided to challenge this attitude.
And his girlfriend has bypassed his dodgy hair colour ( Rupert Murdoch’s shade ), a face showing his inner beauty, racist attitude because she is a kept woman. Again that is not new. In on one of my old jobs, in a real posh hotel, separating high class hookers from trophy wives was a pastime. Everybody must make a living, and I have real respect for someone who can fake it with a Sterling type for money. Sterling has had his way for a long time
And the team players have just discovered their owner was a racist?
Money talks.  I am not really shocked that someone like Sterling comes out with this crap, because he must have always said that. At the same time, a show as delicious and delightfully ridiculous like Scandal, with Kerry Washington, is primetime in 2014. And by the way, your president has a black father, so things are changing,

Should have read:

George Clooney has been " tamed" or his heart has been "captured" by the "right" woman. And served on a "People" dish.

Someone like Jennifer Anniston needs saving.

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