Addiction in Society

Addiction—the thematic malady for our society—entails every type of psychological and societal problem

Survivors of the Alcoholism Wars

The world has progressed since the 1980s, when controlled-drinking therapists and surveys uncovering non-abstinence outcomes were assailed, to the modern harm reduction era. Read More

I just wanted to say

I used to love you on those old Dean Martin roasts where you'd be burping the whole time.

Oh, wait... you're not Foster Brooks? Damn.

Carry on. I'm sure somebody must be reading this blog. Somewhere. If only by accident.

lol. It's ironic that Brooks

lol. It's ironic that Brooks drew upon his own issues with alcohol for his act. During his greatest period of fame he rarely drank. I guess he was practicing his own HARMS!

Danger in Buckets

Keep up the great work Stanton. Pay no attention to the buckets of vomit spewed by steppers. They are too brainwashed (and live in constant fear of a beverage), to comprehend the truth. They are convinced to a man ... When they can safely take off their motherfucking hats and shove them in their traps.

Its impossible to trust a man who cannot trust himself ... With a beer.

Now, now Counselorchick

We must remain calm. There WERE some tough days when to question AA was to be attacked and ostracized -- and it's still no bed of roses. It's hard to be engaged but to ignore the attacks, as in the previous comment. Ralph Bucketts likens me and my work to Foster Brooks because, I guess, we both think that drinking is something people do, or want to do. For Bucketts, how we think about drinking isn't important.

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Stanton Peele, PhD, JD, is the author of Recover! He has been a pioneer in the addiction field since publication of Love and Addiction in 1975.


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