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Addiction—the thematic malady for our society—entails every type of psychological and societal problem

Self-Labeling Addiction as Disease: The Process in the Media

The governor of Vermont sounded the alarm on a heroin scare that must be treated as though it's a disease. But the star of a documentary made about the scare, the drug, and addicts tells us a very different story . Read More

Good stuff.

After major surgery, they gave me tramadol and temazepan to ease the pain and sleep. I loved them. I was floating when awake, had crazy eyes as big as saucers and enjoyed The Housewives of New Jersey ( or other counties - the so plastic-overstyled - con-artists seemed to blend) hamming their scripted reality.

A former addict, I managed to stop taking them when I got physically better, the Housewives got boring ( 2 weeks in - the drugs are very good ) and feeling like an alien got tiresome.

Huntington is a disease. An addiction is not.

A pile of dung does not mean a pony is nearby.

Meanwhile in France

The french equivalent of the fda will soon authorise baclofen for the treatment of alcoholism. It is already being used, for thousands of people.

Some professors and people who have used baclofen published a tribune in a French paper, saying the following either you are abstinent and unhappy or you relapse and die!!! No kidding

Apparently for these so called professors abstinence is inhuman, their words.

Inhuman!! I gave up smoking so is it inhuman too??? Or should I run out and but an electronic cigarette?

Love the contradiction spelled out every fricking day by so called professionals and ex addicts. Addiction is powerful and sucks you in etc etc bla bla yet how the f do people quit on their own or with help then??? Or horror of horrors reduce consumption and live happily ever after???

Raida was powerless and could

Raida was powerless and could not stop on her own. It took a 'higher power.' What was that higher power? It was Raida.

All the silly double-talk! Maybe if we stopped being incredulous mental infants we could live less embarrassing lives. Seriously. Is it just the US or are humans really getting that much stupider?

I've never understood something

I would never admit it in AA, BELIEVE ME, but I have never been able to understand how to "turn my will and my life over to my higher power and stop trying to run my life." What in the heck does that even mean? I have to use "my will" to respond to the alarm clock and get up in the morning, take a 3 mile walk, shower, get in the car and go to work. No one ever explains what this means, but everyone indoctrinated into the 12-step system parrots it almost non-stop. I don't think anyone really knows what it means because it makes no sense; people are just afraid to admit that even to themselves.

I am in therapy right now and I am told to replace the negative messages I have internalized with ones that are more sensible and healthy. So what about the negative 12-step messages like "jails, institutions, or death"? There are so many negative messages involved in 12-step indoctrination that the negativity takes on a life of its own in the head of someone, like me, who has issues with negativity anyway. People in AA claim it is positive, but I've struggled, not with sobriety since I haven't drank in 20+ years, but with the fear and negative messages that come from participating in 12-step.

Mini Vans -- I am

beginning to suspect that you haven't bought and read my and Ilse Thompson's "Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict," which is about this subject.

Vermont and its Appalachian problem

Apparently Vermont sits in the Northeast drug corridor and dealers have “ found” a market in Vermont.

Now you would think that there must be something rotten in that idyllic state for a “full-blown heroin crisis” to happen in a few years.

Isn’t this a an existential problem?
Rather than a supply and demand one?

You are too, too


maybe just angry - I know that place

Poverty and depression can remain hidden in rural settings. People are proud, attached to their land and ancestors, hardworking, and totally self-reliant because there is no other way.
Big farmers may receive subsidies that make them plant useless stuff because it pays, but poor farmers have debt, anxiety and second/third jobs.
For a teenager, life there can be dull, and boring as hell. For many the future seems hopeless. How can you resist an artificial high?

And if tourism is a massive revenue source, anything that threaten the pretty image gets the Potemkin Village-treatment until an epidemic shows up “ out of the blue”.

I come from a rural area in France, I see that a lot of these problem when I go home, and things are getting worse. Some place are becoming deserts. In others, rich people colonize “ pretty places”, and the influx of money distorts the market, creating inflation, pushing local people away from their hard but cherished traditional way of life. Some are fighting back, finding new solutions and opting for local sustainability rather than moving away. There is a market for that.
You can tell me that insects are the way forward, but I rather eat kale, grass fed beef and ugly apples that are sharp rather than sweet.
A local farmer had to put a notice in his field of hemp, “ keep away, it’s not the smoking kind “ because his field kept being raided at night. And he is one of the good guys.
Poor people in rural areas have been abandonned by “ normal and sane “ politicians and are courted by nut jobs who prey on basic fears and an obsession with bestiality but have no long term solutions.

The bestiality thing seems to a projection, because the only stories about a love affair between man and beast I heard have been about lonely sheep/goat herders – please nobody sue. Big city folks don’t need to scare animals to have weird sex. Again please, nobody sue - this is a joke.

Poor people have no power, according to Oxfam, 85 people have as much as the poorest 3.5 billion. The politicians only really care about the truly rich – who are going to finance their campaign. When the middle class realize they are in the same boat as the demonized working class, maybe they will co-operate for the greater good.

Since when is everything an addiction

Our Media in the USA is so co opted by Steppers. Oh well. We have a lot of work to do. One... we need about 3 doc films to expose the BS in AA and how old and crappy it is. This is going to happen this year. One Little Pill is coming our soon with actress Claudia Christian.

Then we need a Major Network TV show or Great Cable show Produced by ... and some other ex stepper who knows what really goes on in AA and then the world will see that shows like MOMS and Nurse Jackie and Even Breaking Bad do not depict what is really happening in AA/NA /CA or what ever stupid XA meeting they are promoting.

See you at the FAIR!!! Hold on ..this is going to be a great year for exposing AA.


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