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Here's How American Psychiatry Solved a Bullying Problem

When Jonathan Martin reported that he was being bullied to the Miami Dolphins, they sent him to a team psychiatrist, who gave him antidepressants. What more could they do? And so the Dolphins were surprised when Martin became suicidal and left the team. Read More

Here's How American Psychiatry Solved a Bullying Problem

Treating the symptoms with medication, without concern for the cause is the mainstay of modern medicine. I would like to think the team Psych did more than just an Rx. Say it ain't so Martin...

standard stuff

When you are bleeding and anemic after a fight, you get a blood transfusion and rest until you are fully recovered.

The psychiatrist is only helping his patient by bringing the self-esteem up, alleviating the depressing effects of the harassment and maybe prevent self-harm.When the self-esteem is up to a more positive level, then the patient may be in a better frame of mind to deal with his bully or the bullying. A step before cognitive therapy.
He can’t change the circumstances that brought on the bullying, when management is unwilling.

Richie Incognito, voted the dirtiest player in the NFL in 2009, can’t be the only Alpha male - guard dog in the team that uses psychological warfare, hazing, bullying and gaslighting to get his way, pushed to create a more cohesive warlike team.
His management must have turned a blind eye to the Lord-of-the-Flies goings on because it works and money talks.

Until fans can’t stomach the “necessary “ masculine brutality of the game by voting with their feet and corporate money notices the trend, a guy like Archie Incognito, with his neanderthal forehead and Jabba the Hutt charm will always rule and be cheered. The NFL is already losing young players to concussion fears and revenue will reach saturation in the US, so maybe change is on the way.

See how Michael Sam is treated, he did not wait till the end of his career, that will say a lot.

About the report

Very interesting read.

If Martin had been a girlfriend, I would have told her that Incognito was trouble and her relationship with him highly dysfunctional. Richie may be 30 on paper but emotionally infantile in real life.

But then these are men, who face different challenges than women and different kinds of pressure. The texts Martin sent his mother are so revealing, you feel really bad for him but lucky he has such wonderful parents.
I wonder if their relationship was so close at one point yet dysfunctional because both unconsciously envied something in the other. Incognito wished he had the intellectual and emotional depth to see past his Id and Martin desired the unfeeling-mental-fighting back toughness Incognito had in spades.

And who is ever been bullied at work or as an adult can understand that pain and shame that Martin must have felt and his reluctance at coming forward with the abuse. I have seen harassement in the work place where the victim is held responsible by people who feel lucky the bully is not on their case ( because of placating him or joining in ) yet will not stick their neck out for the victim fearing for their own safety.

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