Addiction in Society

Addiction—the thematic malady for our society—entails every type of psychological and societal problem

The Totalitarian State of New Jersey

Rather than indicating that bullies don't win, the story of Chris Christie shows how they usually do. Read More

Anti-Liberals understand this well

"But in really scary societies all public conversation is an exercise in using words to mean their opposites--in describing the brave as traitorous, the weak as frightening, and the good as bad"

Doesn't this perfectly describe modern Liberal PC-speak?

Hey, don’t you use words to describe the struggle by Russian dissidents to bash Liberals.

Will you be enjoy watching the sports in Sochi?

The people who dare to stand-up to the Putin regime and the corruption are “traitors” to the country, the weak who have been crushed, brain-washed and angry in the Caucasus are “frightening” (even more when they strap bombs to their bodies) and the decent who happen to criticise the regime as “bad” people to the Russian empire.
Heard of Anna Politkovskaya, Paul Khlebnikov or Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

You can’t compare your government with Putin’s, honestly, you have never lived under a dictatorship. The rule of old white men being under threat because on the wane, does not equal dictatorship, it just mean that you have to consider the wishes of people whom you deemed inferior and who have now escaped your control. Learn to share.

And don’t think that Ted Cruz – the McCarthy wannabe with mascara - was standing up to the Bullying power, he was doing an Job-interview the way a crass-opportunist begs for money.

I take it

You love Christie’s way of governing. The morbidly obese-white-man, as voracious for power and money as he is for junk-food, who makes people pay when things don’t go his way, yet is smart enough not to leave direct orders on emails.

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