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The Need to Identify Sensible Marijuana Use

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I like the "Guidelines for Sensible Cannabis Use". Just replace "Cannabis" with "Alcohol" and you'll have the exact same guidelines that people are regularly encouraged to follow with alcohol consumption and have been encouraged to follow for years.

Yet, people regularly drink alcohol for social pleasure, for antisocial/irresponsible behavior, in isolation/as a remedy for negative feelings (and in fact, regularly portrayed in the media as such), by underaged individuals, and all at the expense of other obligations when hung over.

"That's how society works."

So if the guidelines for alcohol consumption can be ignored so readily, what good are "guidelines for sensible cannabis use?"

We can't make people perfect

So, at the end, we hold people responsible for their behavior. If they fulfill Brooks' anticipated negative outcomes -- driving while intoxicated, becoming addicted, failing to perform (as Brooks did, and for which he still feels shame), then people need to be aware of the standards they have violated and both anticipate consequences, and have/find options to correct their misconduct.

Marijuana regulations

First off lets start with the obvious, the reason it was outlawed in the first place by xenophobic politicians and the wealthy influence they (and the rich) have over the govt. It boils down to one group fearing another for what their culture has harbored for generations (as did the first Americans who brought cannabis from Europe and outlying nations as they found the growing conditions optimal). Second, people say it is a gateway drug which is the lamest excuse for outlawing a substance i have ever heard. It is NOT a gateway drug as much as proponents of the drug war will tell you. One substance does not lead to another (unless you cannot get what you need from one). It is because of this circumstance that surround procuring the drug that is the issue, not the drug itself. Most often they will go to a shady drug dealer who not supplies in weed but most likely, cocaine, heroin and the like. It the drug the issue or having to go to the same person who pushes the really bad stuff.. Legalizing not only devoid s this issue but opens new doors for legal taxation and regulation and we are not exposed to such a criminal element to perpetuate the issue. I guarantee there will be a drop in crime.

Toke up! Bobby needs a new electron microscope.

Don't panic just yet, Stanton, all the tax money is for a good cause (schools), and only some two dozen stores have opened -- 90% of Colorado is run by cowardly confused politicians who have opted their cities and counties out of Amendment 64.

People shouldn't come here and expect to be able to buy cannabis as easily as alcohol. Outside the Denver area, the nearest retail outlet might be a several hour round trip drive away.

Between the primo MMJ boutique prices and the exorbitant 25% taxes, expect to pay twice as much as on the black market.

This likely won't change, as the establishment MMJ industry has a lock on all the licenses, as well as the gubmint regulatory machinery to keep competition out, so there won't be people opening up Stanton's Spliffs lemonade stands on every corner.

Ha ha ha

A sadly funny article full of misinformation. The quotes were actually more ridiculous than the article. We should be pushing for responsible pot growing instead (sun only--no carbon footprint, organic, no water diversion or alteration of terrain, no pest poisons or traps, etc.).

You feel Chiara de Blasio's quote was ridiculous

Do explicate -- what is ridiculous about it? Why?

So, you think Cannabis Action's effort to develop "guidelines for sensible cannabis use" is ridiculous. Do you think they should be disbanded, and all efforts of that sort abandoned?

Do tell!

Nice try, but

Is this a guideline for consumers? Or about topics guidelines should adress?

IMO some topics dont work:

Q 4. Never use cannabis as an excuse or a cue for antisocial or irresponsible behavior.

A 4. If cannabis is used as an excuse or a cue for antisocial or irresponsible behavior, the user is fully restponsible.

Q 6. Use cannabis as a part of positive social interactions, rather than primarily in isolation or as a remedy for negative feelings.

A.6. No. FE see:

Q 7. Develop sensible cannabis use limits for yourself based on personal, health, situational, and cultural factors. It is important to be objective about your cannabis use and listen to the constructive advice of others.

A 7. No! Dont try that at home. Use the reasonable (!) sensible drug use-guidelines that fit your personal, health, situational, and cultural factors.

Q 9. Use of cannabis by children is inappropriate and should be discouraged.

A 9. OK, but what about teens?

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