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Christie en Famille—There Goes the Family!

Chris Christie's political family bit the dust. Sayonara! And what will be the consequences? Read More


Years and years ago, I worked in sales when email was invented. Sales people were delighted with this new way to communicate and quickly started communicating with each other and customers via the written word, much the same way they used the telephone. Funny comments were shared, gossip about company personnel and stories were exchanged. Little did some of my colleague know, email is not like the phone. Management also enjoyed this new tool, to spy on everything everybody was doing by reading the email exchanges.

It wasn't long before employees were getting berated by supervisors about the content of the emails. Lessons were learned fast, email was to remain very professional and personal comments were reserved for phone conversations. For some reason, Christie's staff didn't get the memo.

With NSA listening to our phone conversations, everybody needs to be careful. Using bridge traffic to thwart a political opponent is probably the dumbest and most vicious acts one can do. Christie proves himself to be a dangerous bully not quite ready for prime time, and perhaps not even New Jersey.

Naivety at its finest

"Using bridge traffic to thwart a political opponent is probably the dumbest and most vicious acts one can do."

Leno summed it up nicely

"Now that Christie is denying everything he sounds even more presidential."

Just like

Obama throwing his mentor and friend Wright under the bus when he became inconvenient. Politics is a nasty business filled by nasty, selfish, narcissistic people.

Coded messsage is an lost art.

Maybe this family will look up the term - Balkanisation of Politics.

Christie should learn from Obama

When the President has the IRS punish his political opponents, nothing was mentioned here at Psychology Today. It is a double standard that should cause shame in the hearts of liberals.

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