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Motivationally Interviewing a Mormon About Same-Sex Marriage

The Mormon Church has become the single greatest force opposing gay marriage in the United States. How does a humane, liberal-minded member of the Church confront its increasingly out-of-step and bigoted point of view? Read More

On the one hand I support gay

On the one hand I support gay marriage on principle. Being denied the ability to marry on the basis of homosexuality is discriminatory. However I also think it's disappointing that gays and lesbians are so enthusiastically seeking to integrate with the very institutions that have oppressed them for centuries. Particularly lesbians, who as women must be aware of the fact that marriage has been used as a tool to oppress girls and women throughout history and continues to do so to this day in many parts of the world.

Also the idea that a person is not a 'real person' until they're married is quite dismissive and insulting to people who are single or who are in relationships but don't believe in marriage for whatever reason, including the above mentioned one. I think it would be far more progressive to develop a system in which the economic benefits and inheritances of all couples are secured, regardless of whether they're married or are simply living together in loving partnerships.


"Huntsman (like her father) is also very good looking."

Is this really necessary? Women are sexualized enough. There's no reason to add to this when it has approximately 0 relevance to the article.

I'm really embarrassed

That line was just an excuse for me to note how good-looking I find Jon Huntsman, who (unlike Ron Paul) has gotten better-looking with age!

Huntsman a cultural Mormon

He has a Mormon background but isn't active in the church. I don't know about all of his children, but I've read that several attend other churches. I don't know what his opinion of gay marriage might be, but I suspect that it is far more favorable than the official Mormon stance.

Well, then

My questions should present Abby and Jon with an opportunity to make clear (a) that they are not active members of the Church, (b) their opposition to the Church's position on gay marriage. As people of integrity (Jon Huntsman's main selling point -- Abby's as well), then they should welcome this opportunity.

Can you think of any reason either -- or both -- of them wouldn't? Are they afraid of something? What? And why would this fear be strong enough to dissuade them -- people with some influence in the state -- from speaking out about their true beliefs in re gay marriage? Aren't Christians honest and humane?

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