Addiction in Society

Addiction—the thematic malady for our society—entails every type of psychological and societal problem

Query to a Psychotic DSM-5: Is Gaming Addictive?

DSM-5 decided that addiction doesn't exist, except for behavioral addiction, except there's only one such addiction, except maybe there are more, except.... Read More

help is needed now. we are

help is needed now. we are grooming a new workforce for the addiction centers , or prisons . your solution isn't available til february?????

I'm working as hard and as fast as I can!

Thanks for your support.

Please look into how video games are made

The research into "are video games addictive" wastes as much time as studies asking if certain foods are addictive.

Both food and video game companies spend massive amounts of resources in producing products that create physiological or cognitive rewards for consumption.

Whether it is a game that changes its level of difficulty in real time to keep the player in a state of "flow" or a snack food designed to trigger a response in the brain to keep eating it, you do not need to do further independent research.

Just look into what they are already doing in product development rather than waste more time asking whether they are addictive. YES THEY ARE. They admit they are made to be.

Of course they're addictive, More than drugs in my experience

I can say that I was addicted to video games when I was younger... the appeal is that it never runs out, and also, it's not like other things you're warned about becoming addicted to like drugs.

I've drank alcohol, done coke, ecstasy, lots of prescription pills that is nothing that the power of video games had on my life.

Some people are quick to

Some people are quick to blame the poor for their problem - lay it solely at their door while feeling superior for their ability to budget properly.

But holy crap, the life behind closed door in a middle class household can be a lonely one. It looks like you have everything and your son shoots.
Apparently when asked by his mother, if he would feel bad if anything happened to her, “no” was his answer.

If your son offers that answer, why on earth would you keep guns in the house? Emotional problems were shared.

Games can be addictive, if you have a problem dealing with what life throws at you, you can hide in them. If you are angry, paranoid, a bit psychologically fragile and totally isolated, then games where you have power at last and a “ I will show them “ quality will appeal to you. He was too isolated.

Or sometimes games can help your brain, just ask Jane McGonigal.

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